Friday, May 15, 2015

A House is a Home

I said goodbye to our home this morning after moving into a new house this week. 3060 Cherry St. held us during our darkest and brightest of days over the last six years. I will forever miss you, my friend. I wrote this poem while I sat pumping in Matilda's room before saying goodbye.

Ode to You

I sit here pumping breast milk, ree-ert, ree-ert, ree-ert

In this lilac room
That I thought I might never fill
In this home who held me
In the dark and in the light

I say goodbye to this space where I sat rocking, creak, creak, creak
Preparing myself to say a welcome-goodbye to her and him
On sleeplessness I sat where one crib would not stand and the other would weep 

Outside the door his dog teeth marks gnaw, gnaw, gnaw
I sat waiting for shots leading to broken babies and crying hearts
And then like magic perfection he sprung

In a minute I will bag this milk, slosh, slosh, slosh
And say goodbye to this room, to this house
And thank them for holding us tightly nightly yearly
Asking them to forgive us for filling them so full that we must bid them farewell.

As I drove away, I rolled down my window and listened to this song, "A House is a Home" by Ben and Ellen Harper, a beautiful collaboration between mother and son.  

3060 Cherry St.

Matilda's empty bedroom


  1. I am crying. Beautiful. Love you.

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